1 Mar, 2019

1,2,3,4 - I Declare a Thumb War

It was a normal Thursday lunchtime, people eating their lunch, games of pool being played – the usual office banter going on.
When suddenly, Gabbi our Junior Designer (who we thought we knew pretty well), quietly but with conviction declared that she had never in her 23 years lost a “thumb war”. Needless to say, she was challenged to a thumb war straight away.

Her opponent, in the blue corner, was Sam our Junior Web Designer. The atmosphere in the office changed straight away, the smell of determination was in the air and 5 minutes later after lots of “that’s not fair” and “your hands are too slippy” the war was over...

Gabbi was crowned Pixel Thumb War Champion and Sam retreated back to his desk mumbling something about requiring a plaster.