4 Jul, 2019

Behind the Scenes - Pixel Lunches

Food, Glorious Food

As mentioned on a previous blog, at Pixel the coming together as a team is an important part of our office culture and which is why we all work so well together. The first Friday of the month sees the Directors kindly treat the team and buy us lunch, which allows us to celebrate our successes and appreciate each other's efforts. Here's what we've been treated to over the last couple of months.....
After over indulging during the Christmas holidays what better way to get back into the swing of things and start the New Year with a healthy mind and healthy body than to stuff your face with pizza.  Here at Pixel we obviously considered those who wanted to lose a few of those dreaded festive pounds and ordered a Vegetarian Special as well– part of your 5 a day and all that ……….. 

February’s Pixel lunch was back to an old favourite of ours - Barburrito. With its amazing blend of rice, meat, beans, salsa and vegetables wrapped tightly together in a flour tortilla it’s always a winner with our team.

March’s Pixel lunch was our first team experience of Indian Street Food from an amazing restaurant in Trinity, Leeds called Rola Wala. With the choice of either a Naan Wrap, Grain Bowl or a Cauliflower and Kale Bowl with fillings to fulfil everyone’s taste. I think its safe to say we’ll be using Rola Wala again in the future for one of our Pixel lunches.

In May we ordered lunch from My Thai, which was a very popular choice within the team and won the poll with 80% of the vote. The majority of us ordered curries with the Panang option being the option of choice. Chris, the office Vegetarian had Pad Thai which gave me massive food envy as it looked and smelt amazing. Overall, My Thai was an outstanding win, with claims from at least 3 team members that it was the "best lunch so far". 

We had our Pixel lunch in June a few days earlier, in order to welcome Kristian our newest team member. What better way of getting to know someone than having an icebreaker quiz and a selection of pizzas and chicken wings. We all had to answer the following questions 1,  A complete random fact about yourself 2, What childish thing do you still do as an adult? and 3, What job would you do if you changed career?. With Martin Oates reading out the answers we had to guess who's answers were who's. Interestingly, we found the career question fairly easy but the random facts were a real eye opener. We highly recommend this game if you fancy a laugh in the office.