31 May, 2019

Behind the Scenes - May

Junkyard Golf 

It had been a while since we last had a night out together and the first quarter of this year has just flown by. We had an office poll, with suggestions of Trampolining, Clip & Climb and Bowling but decided the activity of choice was a night out in Leeds starting with some crazy golf fun at Junkyard Golf.
Situated in The Light complex in the centre of Leeds, Junkyard Golf is a fairly new venture, it’s made up of 3 courses created from pre loved and reclaimed shizzle. We booked on the BOZO course - think dark fairgrounds, circus freaks and twisted clowns, right up our street. 

We split into 3 teams, grabbed a beverage and set off for the first tee. The overall winner from Pixel was our Technical Manager Matt Lewis with a flash score of 21, but the showboat award definitely goes to Jake our UX Designer who on the last hole (which was probably the most difficult) used his golf club as a pool cue, laid on the floor and to all of our amusement and astonishment actually got a hole in one.

The night didn’t end there, a few of us went off into Leeds to partake in the drinking of a few alcoholic beverages - just to be social, obviously …….


More than just images ….

Since moving into our new offices our Digital Designer Gabbi has been hard at work creating some special designs that represent each and every member of the team. These designs may eventually be used on the new Pixelbuilders website but they have also been used to decorate the glass partitions within the office. 

We have amazing images of anything and everything digital such as, phones, laptops and social media icons. Along with the little things that make us… us – like the flat cap which represents Martin Hoyle (aka Grandad), Rachael’s fancy teapot, Andy’s pot of yellow pencils, a carrot for Chris our office vegetarian and the image of Olly’s would be sausage dog named Timothy. 

We truly believe that Pixel’s strength doesn’t come from the building we’re based in, the tools we use or even the brand we’ve created, it comes from our people, their knowledge and their love of creating amazing things online.  With this in mind, filling our office space with things that represents us fits perfectly with our ethos and culture. 


Going Green (or in our case - white)

Now this may seem a little sad to some people but in May something quite monumental happened at Pixel Towers. For months now I have been sifting through the rubbish on a daily basis and carrying (by hand, may I add) all the recyclable rubbish down to the appropriate waste bins here at the Tannery.

To be fair because we are a paperless office, we don’t have huge amounts of paper but we make up for that with empty milk cartons because of the copious amounts of tea and coffee we get through on a daily basis. 

However, this month finally saw the actual purchase of a brand, spanking new recycle bin. It’s white and shiny and it came with lots and lots of transparent waste bags……. I’m not sure all team members are as excited as me about this, but then again, I don’t care… I love it!! And God help anyone who doesn’t read my carefully and lovingly made signs of what goes in what bin and contaminates my recycling…. You have been warned!