28 Jun, 2019

Behind the Scenes - June

Say "Cheese"

There is something very unnerving about somebody taking your photograph, with a huge lens pointing directly in your face and what feels like deep into your soul whilst muttering those futile words “just act natural”. For most of us, this makes you do the polar opposite of acting natural - as we found out when Josh took on the role as Pixel’s chief photographer for our new website.  

Here are a few samples of those that didn’t make the grade.

When designers are getting fancy and the developer hears their name mentioned!

Is Martin H that small or is he really far away?? 

Gabbi is really strong, she can balance a heavy TV on a stick using only her knuckle!!

Martin O discusses care options with our new client Westward Care - for our ailing Tech Director who is none the wiser.

Andy: "What the ……own up guys, who’s been using Comic Sans???”