Chris Withers
Digital Project Manager

The Unflappable One

Chris joined the Pixel team in 2018 as our brand new Digital Project Manager, quickly taking the title of Chris 2.0 as we strive to save confusion between him and our senior developer, now known as original Chris. With a degree in Computing from Teeside University and previous experience working for the likes of Asda and Aviva, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team as well as a cool head and excellent organisational skills.

Outside the office Chris is just as busy as he is inside the office, with two little ones to keep entertained as well as having football matches to watch, snooker to play, gigs to attend, computer games to progress and films to see. With his ability to keep a cool head no matter what life throws at him (including delivering his own daughter!) we're giving him the well earned title of "the unflappable one", which is the perfect attribute for his role here as Digital Project Manager.