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Web Content Management With Kentico

Kentico is our Content Management System (CMS) of choice. It is simple, easy to use and offers the technical flexibility required to manage even the most complex of digital projects.

As an all in one solution, Kentico is highly flexible and highly extensible. This not only allows us to build bespoke digital solutions, but it also reduces the development time required to bring websites and ecommerce solutions to web.

These advantages have enabled us to deliver everything from simple brochure sites to full scale ecommerce solutions, all built on the Kentico CMS.

User Interface Design

Kentico's Key Features

By choosing Kentico, we are able to deliver digital solutions that can benefit from Kentico’s international support and advanced security, as well as key functionality including full-text search, content rating, media libraries, online forms and polls.

Using Kentico also ensures websites are built with SEO friendly URLs and strong link structures as standard, and the open API allows various integrations that can enhance usability and efficiency. 

Digital Marketing

Kentico For Marketers

Kentico is more than just a content management system, it's also a powerful enterprise marketing solution too. Kentico EMS offers a range of core digital marketing capabilities including lead scoring, email automation, contact management and much more.

In short, Kentico EMS is an integrated marketing solution. It provides the tools needed to quickly and efficiently create digital marketing campaigns, forms, and newsletters alongside all the standard content management functionality of the Kentico CMS. 

It allows you to manage all leads generated through your website and associated digital marketing campaigns, and then score those leads to identify your most engaged users, as well as nurture those who are not yet ready to convert. By adding Kentico EMS to your website our team can help you achieve your key aims and objectives such as increasing conversion rates and driving more online sales by delivering an improved on-site user experience.

Kentico EMS ensures your website has a persuasive content architecture.


Kentico For Developers

Our development team has contributed to the flexibility and power of the Kentico content management system, by creating a new extension, which integrates with Kentico’s administration interface, to enable the ability to dynamically and easily create Kentico objects from a comma separated values (CSV) file.

The simple three step process we have devised enables a CSV to be uploaded to a Kentico website quickly and easily. The data columns in the CSV can then be paired with, or in other words matched to, existing fields relevant to the chosen object type on your website. A test mode feature allows this process to be simulated prior to the data in the CSV being published to the website, to ensure the upload is valid and error free.

This simple but effective module delivers a fast and effective way to handle mass content uploads to Kentico sites, while limiting the risk of invalid data entry and human error.

Kentico EMS Key Features

  • Integrated Single View
  • Personalise Every Journey
  • Optimise Every Campaign
  • Make Social Marketing Pay
  • Automate Your Marketing
  • Optimise Every Channel
  • Make Smart Recommendations
  • Capture Valuable Information
  • Deliver Qualified Leads
  • Real Time Insights